Latinos have had enough of Donald Trump!

donald trump
Donald Trump has already done and said enough to offend the Latino community and dramatically reduce any potential votes he would have received. In the past few weeks, he has made extremely racist comments about the Latino community in support of the reduction of immigration between the United States and Mexico.

Kelly osbourne
Earlier this week, Kelly Osbourne unintentionally added fuel to the fire when she made comments about the issue on the hit morning show, the View stating “if you kick every Latino out of this country, then who will be cleaning your toilet, Donald Trump?” Although she wanted those words to show that our country’s success depend on the hard work of Hispanics, it was wrongly stated and offended many people. She issued a an apology today but the damage has been done.

What’s are your thoughts? Do you think she should be penalized for it or that she said it in a joking manner? Feel free to comment and share below.

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